From: Frank

Hi Koula, i hope you are having a fabulous day.

I spoke to you the other day regarding my account when you gave me a courtesy call, just letting you know that i have two emails so you don’t get confused so you can contact me on either

I wanted to take the time to let you know and also let your boss know how much of an invaluable member your are to the company. You have made me feel like i have a second chance in life and to also stay positive no matter what situation i am in. You are polite, respectful and very knowledgeable.

I can’t thank you enough for the help you have provided me during this difficult time. You deserve to be where you are now and i bet you will only just keep growing.

Thank you again Koula, i will only ever talk highly of you any chance i get.

Kindest Regards

From: Michelle

I called ACM on Friday afternoon, and spoke with Alex, regarding my outstanding debts.
I was a little nervous at first, not knowing how I would be treated, after avoiding ACM’s phone calls for so long.
I needn’t have worried, because when I got put through to Alex, she was absolutely lovely!
She listened to my situation, and we managed to work out a payment plan for me, with repayments that I could actually afford…not some unrealistic amount that would leave me with no money for the rest of the week.
This has honestly been the best thing I have done in a long time, and I’m excited to be getting my life back on track, and finally taking responsibility for my actions.
Thankyou Alex, for being patient with me and listening, and taking into account my financial situation.

From: Connie

Dear Peter

I want to thank and comment on Romona for her expertise in the job she is doing to assist me with the problem I had been trying to avoid for years.

Romona had made me feel very comfortable to talk to and the way she showed she was there all long to assist was very touching for me. She made me feel very guilty at times when I tried to avoid her calls and then it made me finally wake up to myself and I thought I had this lady here to help me out. So I took the chance to talk to her again and now feel I’m being directed to the right path in life. I’m determined by her words to assist me and I believd she did to help me out. Im back on track now and want to be debt free again.

I have now changed my views on ACM compared to back then when I had people calling me and they weren’t as determined to assist and just wanted to hassell me. I kind of felt she had a tone of voice that made me feel she fully understand what I was going thru. It’s hard and not everyone has this ability to sound passionate on the phone. By her voice I wasn’t afraid to face the situation anymore and I know she really cares about me.

Thank you for everything you have done for me and it was a lesson I have learnt in life to not avoid trouble and rather seek for assistance.

Romona I really do appreciate your assistance and today I feel I have 2 bricks taken off my shoulders. Never felt so relieved for years.

I wish you all the best in your career and to help more people stuck in my position who needs help but too afraid to face the problem.

Kind Regards

From: Laura, 36

A million thanks for sending that through! I have just forwarded this to my mortgage broker and hopefully this is the last hoop I’ll have to jump through! I’ll definitely let you know when the posted copy arrives.

I cannot thank you enough for the taking the time out of your hectic schedule, to personally call me regarding my request. Never have I felt so ‘listened-to’ and confident, when our conversation ended, that the matter would be dealt with.

In saying that, might I add, that every customer service officer I have spoken to – from when I discovered the default in February, to the last few weeks where I’ve been ‘bugging’ you guys – has been absolutely lovely and so helpful. Everyone has made the effort to assist me as much as possible and it is evident that the ACM Company Culture is one that highly values its relationships with clients and has built a highly effective and empathetic team with excellent communication skills.

So, thank you again, so very much for being such a helpful, kind team to be dealing with – during a pretty stressful time! I’ll speak highly of you guys every chance I get!

Kind Regards


From: Janet

Following our telephone conversation last week, I just wanted to thank you for your kindness, consideration and compassion in your actions to assist Russell with his financial issues.

I confirm your phone advice that in consideration of Russell having paid over $5500 towards the debt owed, ACM have closed his account and he no longer has to pay a weekly amount and the debt has been wiped.

Many many thanks,


From: Lorraine and Gareth

Dear Koula, Gareth and I could never thank you enough for all your wonderful support over the past 12 months. You are an angel and have helped Gareth and I so much with that the large debt we had. Our lives were a complete mess and though we thought it was being paid you helped us get through it. You are an invaluable member of your team and I hope your bosses can see this. An easy person to talk to, you never once made us feel inferior. THANKYOU THANK YOU. We are now able to move on with retirement and live our lives complete and contented. Thankyou Lorraine and Gareth

From: Scott

Hi Peter,

The following statement is based on representative performance.

As a customer I was very pleased with how your employee’s handled my account information and the sensitivity of my private matter. Not only did they show respect of my privacy they were vigilant to follow all ACCC/ASIC protocols. My relationships Manager Briar have a calm and relaxing tone. I was very pleased of how she handled the situation when I was frustrated. She may be still learning, but her job is her own and she handled it perfectly. I am also happy with the outcome of finalizing my account with both Briar and Koula as fast as I did. Senior Relationship manager Koula, also did a fantastic job with the speed and process of finalizing my account. I am very pleased with how both individuals worked as a team. You have a valuable team; I would just like to formally thank them both for a fantastic job.

Kind Regards,


From: Rita and Peter

Good afternoon Remona I just wanted to take a few moments to thank ACM group but in particular you for all the help you have given me and my husband with our account. You have shown us such kindness and understanding, whilst remaining professional at all times. You have always been someone we could talk to and your empathy in our difficult times has made us feel at ease and lightened our burden. Again thank you for all you have done.

Rita & Peter

From: Sandy


I would like to take this opportunity to pass on my appreciation of how well I have been treated by Sussan. Sussan ensured that a terrible situation for myself was dealt with empathy and professionally. Sussan made the process of finalizing my brothers estate easier than I would have ever thought possible.

Sussan is an asset to your organization and being the first person people speak it was so refreshing not to be directed to someone else but rather Sussan following through with assisting me through this process. Because of the service I was given I would highly recommend your service to friends and other business acquaintances in the future.

From: Sandy

Hi Sussan

Please find attached receipts for full payment of $5000.00 for outstanding payment for Alan.

Once again would like to thank you for our empathy and professional manner in which you assisted me in such a sad time in my life.

If you require any further information please dont hesitate to contact me.



From: Bruce

Hi Peter,

I would like to thank you for your help.

On the other hand i just want to say thanks to Koula.

She was very helpful and understanding.

She did an awesome job. Please pass this onto her if you get chance.


From: Nicholas

Hi Remona

I would just like to thank you for your assistance previously in resolving my outstanding debt.

Your manner was always professional and courteous and made the process very easy to deal with.

I have received all the information and letters as promised promptly.

It was a pleasure dealing with you, thank you.

Best regards


From: John

Hi Koula and all,

It will be first on my list.

I was very taken aback by your call, and I am very grateful for your tolerance and understanding. This gives me a chance to carry on and perhaps something even more valuable than that – faith in human nature.

Thank you very much, and I hope that you have the best weekend ever.



From: John

Hi Koula,

I really do appreciate your kindness. You probably heard the terror in my voice, and the first thing you did was assure me that it was ok. I truly believe that you are genuinely a good person.

I just wanted you to know that.



From: Shanna

I’ve been dealing with Natalie for almost 12 months now for payments on my account, Natalie has always been professional, has always taken into account my own personal circumstances and has without fail resolved and came to realistic arrangements, for my payments. These things can be stressful at times however she always manages to ease the stress and burden with her positive approach.

This has always helped me when making contact with ACM, knowing I have an account manager who is there to help and work towards an outcome which in the end, benefits me and sets my mind at ease.



From: Louise

To: ACM Group


Over the past couple of months I have spoken to Mary Jane & she has been wonderful in understanding my situation.



From: Marc

Good afternoon Baddar,

Yes – you could say my/ our plate is a little full at this time

At this point, your assistance is more than enough – and is gratefully received.

Thank you



From: Annette

Thank you so much for what you have helped me with. My stomach was turning and I felt sick dialling the number to speak to you, I thought I would be spoken to rudely due to it not being paid until now. But both people I spoke with were polite and were nothing, but lovely.


From: Wairangi

I would like to thank everyone at ACM who I have spoken to. Everyone has been very helpful with questions I have asked. I haven’t had a problem with anyone at ACM so thank you all for your help.


From: Esra

Hi Anthony,

I just want to give my feedback on one of your workers there name Nathan, The first time he rang me with this debt issue, he actually rang me at my parents house and kept the call very private which I was very happy with due to my family not knowing about this debt that i have. Again he was very understanding and very helpful. Thank you so much again Nathan.

Thank You


From: Jessica

Hi Ben,

Thank you for your time earlier today.

I do appreciate everything you and the management team have done for me. We are in the home stretch now and I can see the light ?

You have been very helpful, not just now with the settlement of the account but throughout the duration of the account, especially in the last year. Your honesty in what can be achieved and working with me to get me to the outcome we have reached today has been outstanding. You are really good at your job.

Thank you so much again and I am sure we will chat soon enough.



From: Bruce


My interaction with Mark today, and other ACM people over the last few years, has been both professional and courteous. My situation was particularly difficult when my debt was incurred, and the understanding shown by your staff has made it easier to deal with my financial issue and get my life back on an even keel.

Thank again,


From: Anthony

Hi ACM People,

I wish to thank all of you and specially Baddar and Alison for their great help and assistance regarding my account. Thank you for the reduction of the balance. It really does pay to make payments to financial institutions automatically and before time.

Many Thanks


From: Bruce


My interaction with Mark today, and other ACM people over the last few years, has been both professional and courteous. My situation was particularly difficult when my debt was incurred, and the understanding shown by your staff has made it easier to deal with my financial issue and get my life back on an even keel.

Thank again,


From: Jay

Hi Dean

Hope all is well :). I just like to say that ACM group was so understanding about the debt. How the company was helping every step of the way very caring and was always there to help me. We’re very easy to talked with and was not pushing me in paying no more then I could pay. There are no really words I could say how great the company has been to me. I really appreciate there kind and caring way.


From: Shane

Hi Peter and Koula

Thanks for this info and I really appreciate the offer to close out our account with you.

Let me firstly say that in the time I’ve been dealing with your Team, – especially Koula, the experience has been very professional as well as friendly It’s great service considering you’re in an industry dealing with people who are sometimes in very tough scenarios.

So congrats on that. I’ve been in business for over 30 years and your Teams service is right up there from my perspective.

Please find attached a receipt for my final payment. This figure was based on a conversation with Bryer (again another excellent experience as a customer), so I hope this is o.k. to close off the account.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can to expedite the update on my credit account, and once again, thanks for your support.

Best Wishes