ACM Group Ltd. responds to alleged claims of Harassment in the Industry

At ACM Group Ltd. (ACM), we take all customer feedback, complaints and disputes extremely serious in line with our company’s core values, objectives and regulatory obligations. Through experience, we’ve developed robust strategies to ensure our deliverables are managed through a robust Control framework for conformance to Australian legislative requirements. We have been developing our strategies over the last few years, as part of the cultural changes that has been implemented at ACM Group.


What have we implemented to address harassment complaints?


We’ve enhanced our governance for risk mitigation by building a stronger control environment through an enhanced Compliance framework, IT systems and Quality Training program.

Our key controls include:


How are calls monitored at ACM Group?


Call Monitoring – all customer contact (calls) by staff are recorded and sample tested for conformance to Regulatory and Company policy guidelines by a dedicated team of Compliance Analysts to ensure strict adherence to Australian legislative requirements i.e. ASIC/ACCC Debt Collection Guidelines, Privacy, National Credit Code etc. and ACM Policy and Procedure requirements.


System Controls – automated system controls are set up to identify and limit the volume and frequency of phone calls and notification (letters, emails. SMS) made with customers. These processes are managed and executed through our system controls to ensure adherence to regulatory guidelines.


Quality Training Program – All team members are provided with periodic and ongoing skill / knowledge based training program for quality assessment of customer’s financial situation through active listening including identifying sensitive hardship triggers and offering best suited solutions for a favourable customer outcome.


With our strong control framework, we’re confident our service model strictly adheres and abides to our commitment of providing a positive and favourable outcomes for our customers.

We welcome feedback as it will assist in our efforts to continually  improve. If you’ve got a complaint, please visit our complaints page for details about addressing complaints to ACM Group.

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