From: Matt

Hey Ben,

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you, and the way you have handled my unfortunate situation. I would’nt ever have a bad word to say about your work peers, but you are by far the easiest and most pleasant to deal with.
I look forward to to working with ‘you’ in the future, knowing full well I haven’t been the easiest to contact in the past.

I appreciate your patience



From: Simone

I received a phone call from your operator: Austin

I would like to say that Austin was courteous at all times, willing to find a solution that suited both parties, followed up when he indicated he would and just generally easy to deal with

Thank you



From: Bill

To whom it may concern,

Thank you ACM… It’s was so refreshing to deal with someone so helpful and who genuinely cares. Not the usual experience with debt collection agencies when you are the debtor. Faith was lovely to deal with, entirely professional and did all she could to negotiate a mutually acceptable outcome… Thank you.

Best Regards


From: Emilia

Dear Koula,

I wish to say, that I am very pleased at the way you have handled yourself with this settlement. Sometimes one has hard time understanding why debts are still outstanding, and in my case it was extremely difficult to come to terms with this amount outstanding.

Your help towards finding balance of which we can both meet at settlement was very professional and helpful.

Again thank you

Yours faithfully



From: Armelle

Good Afternoon Kyriakoula,

I would just like to take a bit of your time to say how wonderful Faith was with helping me from all you representatives that have spoken to me in the past.

I can honestly say that not once was she rude or made me feel like I wasn’t worth helping, I appreciate the below and everything she has done to make this happen.




From: Brooke

I would just like to say the way the Acm relationship manger Anusree and her senior relationship manger Kyriakoula are with there clients are nothing more than fantastic. Their caring nature towards me has really made me realise that not only do they really care about their clients they really do care about each and everyone’s individual situation and they actually want to help you . And I commend there professionalism that j have received each and every time I have spoken with them.

Yours Brooke


From: Nicole

I would like to thank relationship manager Jessica from The ACM group for making this a smooth and stress free transaction.

Kind regards



From: Billie

“In regards to feedback for your organisation, I found that ACM group were very helpful in many ways, offering advice which best suited my financial status at the time. The workers were really great too.

Attention supervisor:

I would just like to express that Mary relationships manager was very helpful. I’ve had this debt hanging over my head for a long time, whilst working with Mary I found she has definitely helped me finally close this account. ACM group is lucky to have her as apart of your company.

Kind regards



From: JB

Hi Ben,

Thank you for sending through confirmation that this account is settled in full.

Thanks again for your help and professionalism and it’s a great relief to have this settled.

Anthony – Ben did a fantastic job with helping me get this settled quickly.

Appreciate it.

Many thanks,



From: Melanie

To whom it may concern,

I have recently finalised my dealing with ACM having paid out my debt.

I have always found ACM staff to be polite and friendly.

What is an embarrassing situation to find myself in was treated with dignity and respect.

Kind regards



From: Susan

Good morning to Faith, further to our conversation on Monday evening, I would like to thank you for your excellent assistance in this matter.

You are a credit to your company, with full explanations and helpful ideas. More companies could do with customer service officers like you.


Regards, and have a good day,



From: Fon

Dear Remona

I just want to thank you for your help with the discount you gave to my mum. We are very appreciated with all the communication and your time.




From: Jessica

Hi Remona,

Thank you for your empathy and compassion. Life never stops and it’s so easy to get behind while trying to stay on top of everything. Your understanding and helpfulness has turned what could have been a stressful conversation into a hopeful one and I am very grateful for the care you have shown me, discussing my options and assisting me to become debt free.

It’s also nice to have a contact assigned to my client record, so that when I call or my client manager calls me, I am speaking with someone who is aware of my status, my history and where everything is up to.

Thanks again for your help today.

Have a good day! Jessica