Quality assurance

ACM Group’s quality management systems are certified to International Standard ISO 9001:2015, demonstrating its ability to consistently meet customer, statutory and regulatory requirements and enhance customer satisfaction through continual improvement. As a proud member of the Australian Collectors and Debt Buyers Association, ACM Group acts in line with its compliance standards and supports the development of an industry Code of Conduct. ACM Group adheres to a number of regulatory standards, complying with joint Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) guidelines, Commonwealth privacy and consumer credit laws. ACM Group holds Australian Credit Licence No. 397046, professional indemnity and public liability insurance

The ACM Group recognises that the success of the company is contingent on the delivery of a professional and highly compliant service to customers, which also meets the standards required from clients and external stakeholders.
Quality sits at the heart of the ACM Compliance Framework, and is the foundation upon which ACM Group drives company culture. Quality is enhanced by working in a systematic manner to formally documented procedures, designed to eliminate the occurrence of deficiencies, and to consistently meet customer expectations.
ACM support quality objectives through the operation of a formal Quality Management System, which is aligned to the ISO 90001:2015 Quality Standard. It is the responsibility of all of us in the company to play our part in maintaining the quality standards we have chosen.
ACM is committed to maintaining certification under this standard, so that:

Customers can have confidence in our performance, and we know how effectively we are meeting their expectations;
The company ensures it is fully compliant with all relevant laws and regulations;
Our employees understand their role in achieving the quality standards to which we aspire;
Our suppliers know our expectations of them;
We can continually improve our performance;
Our management system is regularly reviewed to respond to changing conditions and customer needs.

Ongoing, we monitor compliance levels and staff participation in implementing system improvements. The Management Review Team systematically monitors all facets of our business to ensure customer needs and expectations are maintained.
Ultimately, the Quality Management System governs our core operations, and plays a vital role in the continued growth and prosperity of our organisation, the health and safety of our staff, and care for the environment.