ACM Group Leadership Team

Bert Vieira

Managing Director

Bert Vieira has over 40 years of experience in finance and credit management at all levels of the industry. He worked with Custom Credit Finance and Household Finance (HFC) before establishing ACM Group in 1982.

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Trent Vieira


Trent Vieira came from a background in financial services, having previously held roles at JB Were and HSBC before joining ACM in 2001.

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Max Alves

Head Compliance & Risk

Max brings over 13 years of Compliance and Risk experience gained in the banking and finance industry within American Express. Max has a broad skillset spanning operational, compliance, regulatory, audit, operations risk and people management skills.

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Peter Philipp

Manager – Information Technology

Head of IT since October 2005, Peter Philipp has a number of responsibilities at ACM, including internal and external software development, support management information systems, infrastructure, communications and data processing.

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Peter Kerl

Manager – Accounts

Peter Kerl has been Manager of Accounts at ACM Group since June 2006, is currently responsible for all financial operations and management reporting for the company.

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