Our Services

Debt Purchasing ACM Group acquires non-performing debts from blue chip financial institutions and leading telecommunication providers. Close working relationships have been built up with these organisations .

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Our Commitment to Compliance

At ACM Group, we have a strong commitment to maintaining strict compliance with all Regulators Acts and Guidelines. As a company, we strive to uphold the ASIC/ACCC Debt Collection Guidelines, NCCP Act,

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Payment can be made through the following means: 1. Online – Secure Card Payment using your MasterCard or Visa – DebitCredit card (Available 24/7) Click link below Secure Credit/Debit …

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The ACM Group

ACM group had evolved from its origins as a collector of smaller dollar value, longer-dated debt to now focusing on higher dollar value, short-dated debt. Due to its new IT systems and longer-term contracts, ACM Group continues to grow its business and is now one of the largest acquirers of non performing debt in Australia.